Meet Scarlett, a charming young lady with a cheerful smile and a green thumb. Scarlett is so good with plants and animals, she can turn a pitiful patch of dirt into a lush and thriving farm before you can say "Old MacDonald!" She also has a heart of gold and a love for her fellow caretakers of Mother Earth, so when corruption hits the highest level of the Farmer's Union, she decides to run for president and unseat the sad sack who's stealing the organization's dues!

To curry favor with her fellow farmers, Scarlett sets out to renovate rundown farms around the world. Let your fingers do the planting, plowing and plucking in 95 fast-paced levels set in the South Pole, Russia, the Wild West, Africa and a steamy jungle environment; feed 30 amusing animals including walruses, penguins and llamas; and protect your farm from jaguars, lion and bears!

Can you help Scarlett achieve her goal? Play Farm Frenzy 3 today!


  • 95 levels in five countries
  • 30 amusing animals, including five predators
  • 33 products to make
  • 17 buildings and vehicles
  • 16 trophies and achievements
  • iPhone 4 retina display support
  • OpenFeint support
  • Game Center support